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Association of Mycosis Fungoides and Large Plaque Parapsoriasis with Human Herpes Virus 8

Hamideh Moravvej 1 , Saeed Aref 2 , Hossein Keyvani 3 , Ehsan Abolhasani 1 , Nima Sarrafi Rad 1 and Reza Jafari|Fesharaki 1 , *
Authors Information
1 Skin Research center, Shohada-e-Tajrish Hospital, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
2 Tehran University of Medical Science, Tehran, Iran
3 Department of Virology, Tehran University of Medical Science, Tehran, Iran
Article information
  • Journal of Skin and Stem Cell: October 1, 2014, 1 (2); e21562
  • Published Online: October 1, 2014
  • Article Type: Research Article
  • Received: March 20, 2014
  • Revised: April 10, 2014
  • Accepted: April 30, 2014
  • DOI: 10.17795/jssc21562

To Cite: Moravvej H, Aref S, Keyvani H, Abolhasani E, Sarrafi Rad N, et al. Association of Mycosis Fungoides and Large Plaque Parapsoriasis with Human Herpes Virus 8, J Skin Stem Cell. 2014 ; 1(2):e21562. doi: 10.17795/jssc21562.

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1. Background
2. Objectives
3. Patients and Methods
4. Results
5. Discussion
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